Oasis® Bedbath Maceratable Scented-5 Wipes

Product Code MBB05

MACERATOR-FRIENDLY VERSION Oasis® Bed Bathing Washcloths are impregnated with a unique combination of skin cleansers to help remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces from the skin. The large, soft washcloths are intended to be used individually, with one single-use cloth per anatomical region.

Macerator friendly

30 x 22 (cm)

wipes per pack

packs per case

Made in Britain

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in the UK, using the highest quality materials, our products deliver unparalleled quality and performance.

Reduced cross-contamination

Each single-use item is disposed of after use, helping to reduce the potential for cross-contamination from reusable items. Various studies have been published highlighting the link between traditional soap and water based bed bathing and HCAIs, in particular catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

Cost effective solution

Proven to deliver savings and reduce nursing time when compared to traditional soap and water bed bathing. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nursing, use of the Oasis® Bed Bathing System could save Around 6 lakhs per ward per year and 21 hours of nursing time per week.

Skin hydration and protection

A dermatologically tested, pH balanced, lanolin and alcohol-free formulation. Perfumed and unperfumed options available.

Improved patient experience.

Reduces the need for manual repositioning and manipulation of patients, helping save nursing time and enhance patient dignity.