Conti® Wet Wipes

Product Code RSC777

Convenient cleansing for patients’ hands and face, helping to keep skin feeling clean and refreshed. Proven to physically remove over 99% of contamination from hands, ideal for when traditional hand washing with soap and water isn’t available.

Case Dimensions 399 x 299 x 290

wipe size (cm)

units per case

wipe size (cm)

Removes over 99% of contamination from hands

Unlike alcohol gels or products containing disinfectants which may cause irritation or dryness, our wipes physically remove over 99% harmful pathogens whilst moisturising and protecting the skin.

Approved for use on babies over 3 months

Clinical trials demonstrated that 95% of parents were satisfied/very satisfied with the products.

Convenient hands and face cleansing

The use of single-use wet wipes to clean the hands, supports the world health organisations five moments of hand hygiene.