Senset Foam 150ml

Product Code 900FM150

Senset Skin Cleansing Foam 150ml provides a convenient gentle and effective cleansing system for continence care.

Case Dimensions 210 x 170 x 250 mm

packs per case

Clinically proven & gentle on skin

Senset Foam is clinically proven to help maintain the integrity of healthy skin for incontinent patients. Gently loosens and lifts soiling, making cleaning quicker for the nurse and more comfortable for the patient. It contains high levels of water repellent barrier to protect the skin from the acid effects of urine.

Infection prevention

The can includes a patient label to write the patient name and ward details on to help reduce the risk of cross infection. Using Senset Foam can reduce the risk of carrying infected soap and water around the wards.

Improving the patient experience

Senset Foam contains a deodorant to help make the nurses and patient experience more pleasant. And it's dual actuator nozzle to give the nurse better control when applying to a patient.

Outstanding performance and choice

Senset Foam comes in a handy 150ml (short stay) and 300ml (long stay) size. It is part of our Senset Range of patient cleansing products, including Senset Dry Wipes, Senset Moist Wipes and Senset 3-in-1 Wash.