Commode Bedpan

Product Code 122AA050

Ideal for general toileting of patients in a commode chair.

Case Dimensions 340 x 635 x 270 mm

capacity (litre)

units per case


lid available

Sustainable manufacturing

Our products are made from clean newspaper, water, a waterproofing agent and 50 years of experience. They start off as a wet mixture, are formed and are then dried to make a wide range of disposable containers. They’re designed to be used once, then disposed off in a machine called a macerator. Using our unique SmartFlow™ technology the macerator then breaks down the container into tiny particles similar to toilet paper, and it is then rapidly flushed down the drain.

Guaranteed supply

Thousands of healthcare facilities around the world trust us to supply them our ground-breaking single-use system every day. In 2017, we won ‘Overall Supplier of the Year’ at the NHS Excellence in Supply Awards, an accolade which demonstrates how strongly we feel about being dependable on healthcare facilities whose focus is on their patients, and not on the reliability of their supplier