Maxi Slipper Pan Liner

Product Code 114AA100

Ideal for general toileting of patients with limited mobility in bed. Wedge-shaped design slips underneath the patient without lifting or rolling.

Case Dimensions 380 x 610 x 295 mm

units per case

apacity (litre)

lid available


Practical design for ease of use

Our single-use containers are designed to hold fluid for up to 4 hours (or up to 2 hours for our detergent-proof washbowls). They are then flushed away safely and quickly in a Vernacare disposal unit, macerating up to 4 containers at once (or up to 2 detergent-proof washbowls).

World Class Quality

Our world class quality management system ensures product consistency and conformity. At Vernacare, our products are top quality, with ISO 9001:2015 and BSI Kitemark PAS029 (which are used to guarantee the quality of disposable healthcare products). We’re also compliant with ISO 14001:2015 which is an Environmental Management Standard that demonstrates how we minimise our impact on the environment.