Multi Cup

Product Code 116AA200

Ideal for taking urine/stool/sputum samples, dispensing tablets or as a measuring scoop

Case Dimensions 360 x 430 x 290 mm

units per case

capacity (ml)

lid available


Prevention first

We know what it takes to join the fight against HCAI’s. It’s about developing, deploying and instilling a bundle of measures that have prevention at its core. That’s why the Vernacare system is not simply about single-use containers (pulp) and disposal units (macerators). The Vernacare system is a package that has been designed to work holistically. As the only company to do this, it is at the heart of our philosophy, let’s save lives together.

Extensive range

We are always looking at ways we can develop and improve the world of infection prevention, by creating innovative products with real user benefits and with over 20 Vernacare pulp products available, we cater to the breadth of the market. As we specialise in medical pulp, we focus on healthcare facilities, and designing products with the patient in mind rather than producing pulp products for use in food or mobile phone packaging.