Large Bowl, Maxi Washbowl, Bedpan or Slipper Pan Liner Dispenser Rack

Product Code 502ZS001

Wall-mounted rack removes containers from surfaces. Suitable for use with bedpan liners (101AA100), slipper pan liners (109AA100, 114AA100), large bowl (112AA100) and Maxi-Wasbowl (117AA040)

Case Dimensions 400 x 340 x 750 mm

units per case

requires assembly

Prevention first

We know what it takes to join the fight against HCAI’s. It’s about developing, deploying and instilling a bundle of measures that have prevention at its core. That’s why the Vernacare system is not simply about single-use containers (pulp) and disposal units (macerators). The Vernacare system is a package that has been designed to work holistically. As the only company to do this, it is at the heart of our philosophy, let’s save lives together.

Optimise space

Having worked with healthcare facilities across the world, we understand the requirements and constraints of dirty utility rooms. Work with us to maximise space and minimise the risk of cross-infection.


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