AZOWRAP™ Complete Plus and Complete Plus Heavy Duty

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AZOWRAP™ Complete Plus and Complete Plus Heavy Duty provide un-paralleled protection for large and heavy instrument trays, by combining two layers of 100% synthetic SMS with its superior strength and tear resistance properties. Bonded along two sides AZOWRAP™ Complete Plus and Complete Plus Heavy Duty provide a quick, efficient, and aseptic single-step wrapping system, minimising overall processing time in the SSD.

AZOWRAP™ Tray liner Features

AZOWRAP™ single use Complete Plus and Complete Plus Heavy Duty range is available in blue / green, in a wide range of sizes (from 900mm to 1800mm) Bonded sheets of SMS material, latex free • AZOWRAP™ Complete Plus - 43gsm Inner Green SMS layer / 55gsm Outer Blue SMS layer. • AZOWRAP™ Complete Plus Heavy Duty – 55gsm Inner Blue SMS layer / 70gsm Outer Green SMS layer. • Suitable for use with Steam (134°C/23 mins), Ethylene oxide (54°C /90 mins) and Plasma sterilisation processes • 5 year shelf life • ISO11607-1 and EN868-2 compliant

AZOWRAP™ Range Overview

AZOWRAP™ Sterilisation single use range includes crepe, non-woven and SMS fabrics in single sheet, interleaved and bonded formats, in a range of sizes. This wide range allows you to tailor the complete packaging system to the instrument container, ensuring efficient sterilisation and anti-microbial protection throughout the life cycle of the instrument tray.

AZOWRAP™ Range Benefits

The overall packaging system must combine a sterile barrier system with protective packaging properties and in order to do this efficiently it should be: • Porous – allow efficient passage of the sterilisation media, to ensure the contents are fully sterilised. • Barrier – effective against bacteria to prevent recontamination, in order to maintain sterility of contents. • Strong – maintain integrity of the packaging, to resist tearing or puncture as this would compromise sterility


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