AZOWRAP™ SMS and SMS Interleaved

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100% synthetic multi-layer SMS (Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond) fibres provides superior strength and tear resistance along with improved drapability. Primarily intended to be used as an outer wrap, where tearing and other physical damage could pose an issue. Available as single or interleaved layers for sequential or single step wrapping.

AZOWRAP™ Tray liner Features

AZOWRAP™ single use SMS is available in blue or green, in a wide range of sizes (from 600mm up to 1800mm). Single layer of 100% synthetic Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond (SMS) PET fibres, latex free. • AZOWRAP™ SMS - 55gsm • AZOWRAP™ SMS Interleaved - 43gsm Blue / 55gsm Green. • Suitable for use with Steam (134°C/23 mins), Ethylene oxide (54°C /90 mins), and Plasma sterilisation processes • 5 year shelf life • ISO11607-1 and EN868-2 compliant

AZOWRAP™ Range Overview

AZOWRAP™ Sterilisation single use range includes crepe, non-woven and SMS fabrics in single sheet, interleaved and bonded formats, in a range of sizes. This wide range allows you to tailor the complete packaging system to the instrument container, ensuring efficient sterilisation and anti-microbial protection throughout the life cycle of the instrument tray.

AZOWRAP™ Range Benefits

The overall packaging system must combine a sterile barrier system with protective packaging properties and in order to do this efficiently it should be: • Porous – allow efficient passage of the sterilisation media, to ensure the contents are fully sterilised. • Barrier – effective against bacteria to prevent recontamination, in order to maintain sterility of contents. • Strong – maintain integrity of the packaging, to resist tearing or puncture as this would compromise sterility


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