Azo Gel

Product Code AZG750S

Azo Gel is an advanced and scientifically proven instrument pre-clean gel for surgical and dental instruments. Azo Gel features an innovative formulation preventing surgical soil & debris from drying onto instruments for up to 72 hours.

Clinically Proven

Hospital Product Evaluation Trial at the London Clinic, London, UK Trial Duration: 4 weeks March 2013

User acceptability feedback from operating theatre staff indicates that:

100% respondents find AZO™ GEL easy to use • 86% staff acceptability of the AZO™ GEL • 71% respondents have indicated that the product meets their expectations

Sterilisation site reported operational benefits in reprocessing of surgical instruments

21% Increase in instruments processed per hour • 36% Reduction in re-washes

Customer Statements

"AZO™ GEL is easy to use and it does not irritate me as the product we currently use does." “The gel is working very well; we need to apply it to all trays.” “No extra work is required to remove dirt or debris.”


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