ComfiFast™ Easywrap™ Child Socks

Product Code CS8, CS14

ComfiFast™ Easywrap™ garments are designed for head-to-toe dressing in the treatment of atopic eczema. With specific garments for different body areas – from a clava for the head through to socks for the feet – they provide an effective skin covering when using steroids, heavy emollients or ointments. Available in a range of sizes.

Made in Britan

Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, Comfi™ offers cost‑effective solutions for dressing retention, dermatological skin conditions, muscle strains/sprains, and venous disease.

Easy application

Simple, safe and easy to use. Ready to wear and quick to apply with no need for pins or tape. Makes use of a light and breathable fabric for optimum comfort. Unobtrusive, discreet and comfortable to wear under clothing.

Reusable quality garments

Comfifast™ Easywrap™ Garments are manufactured using ‘stay soft’ fabric to ensure they retain their softness even after repeated washing. The garments are designed to fit each area of the body; ranging from a clava for the head through to socks for the feet, providing an ideal solution for covering the skin when using steroids, heavy emollients or ointments.This makes them ideal for treating atopic eczema.


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