Support Bandages

Comfigrip ™ Elasticated Tubular Bandages

Product Code Various

Comfigrip™ tubular bandages are elasticated support bandages designed for light support of muscle strains, sprains and joint support. These types of injuries often result in pain, swelling, bruising and loss of movement. Light support to the affected area using Comfigrip™ supports the limb and allows the patient to continue with everyday life while the injury heals. Available in 7 widths and 3 lengths.

Wash and reuse again and again

All products in the range can be machine washed, and are manufactured using ‘stay soft’ fabric to ensure they retain their softness even after repeated washing.

A varied range to meet all needs

As the leading brand within the NHS and wider care sector, the Comfi™ Range supports individuals and healthcare workers in delivering excellent standards of care, offering an extensive range for all your needs. ComfiGrip™ is available in a range of sizes and lengths, suitable for use on infants through to adults.


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